State says men with autism must move. Families ask, ‘Where will they go?’
December 28, 2020
newsday article
By Carl MacGowan

Updated December 28, 2020 4:20 PM

Twenty years ago, Anna and George Jutis moved their son Constantin, who has a severe form of autism, into a Centereach group home and thought their prayers had been answered.

Anna Jutis now loses sleep worrying about her 49-year-old son’s future as he faces relocation from the home where his family said he has thrived.

“It’s very hard to hear of that because it’s like we wasted what we tried,” said Anna Jutis, 77, of Astoria, Queens, remembering the day she received a letter from the state telling her about the relocation. “It’s like we’re going backwards to where we were. … It’s not fair now to go to another place.”

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