Ecosilent, Inc. Moves to Production of 1,000-Amp Hybrid Power Systems to Aid Film Industry’s Green Initiative after Successful Proof of Concept
April 20, 2022
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Production managers who witnessed the power system in action call the technology a true “game changer” and a big step in helping meet the sustainability directives film and entertainment companies are striving to attain.

New York, NY— EcoSilent, whose mission is to power the future of the film industry with 1,000-Amp hybrid power systems that can deliver up to 12 hours of uninterrupted, silent and clean power to film base camps, along with its technology partner, ZeroBase Energy, LLC successfully conducted a proof of concept of their unique technology at SilverCup studios in NYC in December of 2021.

EcoSilent’s vision is for a greener, cleaner New York, where noisy, dirty, diesel generators used in a variety of industries are replaced by highly efficient, clean, and silent hybrid powered generation systems that utilize state-of-the-art battery technology.

As a result of the successful demonstration of technology and what they see as a large market potential, EcoSilent and ZeroBase Energy are producing the first commercial units which will be available in Summer 2022. Needless to say, film and entertainment companies are lining up to employ the first to come off the production line as EcoSilent looks to ramp to full scale production and begin to ween the industry from noisy, vibrating and ecologically damaging diesel generators.

According to Mike Hartel, a long-time industry location manager, “The technology is truly a game changer for us and will help the film industry achieve its sustainability goals much faster than we previously thought.”

Mark Lucas CTO of EcoSilent stated, “We are at an inflection point in history. We have the technology available to us to dramatically reduce the pollution footprint of an industry. This technology will better the quality of lives of the stakeholders within the film industry as well as the communities in which they operate”.

Dani Strain, Chief Executive Officer at EcoSilent stated, “With each diesel generator we replace, we will be saving 50-100 gal./day of diesel fuel and 700 lbs./day of CO2. By 2026, should this technology be mandated in New York State, we will save 75% of all emissions driven by generators currently used in the film and construction industries.”

John Brady, Chief Operating Officer at EcoSilent stated, “Our commitments in the film industry are solid and utilization of the technology will be immediate. Our team of New Yorkers is comprised of Industry leaders, savvy operational businessmen and businesswomen who are passionate about addressing the environmental challenges we face here in the state of New York.”

Bradley Gerstman, Esq., EcoSilent Board Member and prominent New York State Attorney and Lobbyist stated, “As our elected leaders are advancing critical policies to meet New York’s ambitious climate change goals, EcoSilent and the Zerobase technology can credibly and pragmatically support New York’s movement toward green and clean energy.”

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