Reversal of Regulations

Our client, a prominent business owner, was under attack by the NYC Department of Health and Mental Hygiene and was being forced to comply with the new calorie posting law under the NYC Health Code, that would have cost them millions of dollars.
• After a series of productive communications with decision makers of these state agencies, solid legal research, and non-stop lobbying efforts, we received an exemption from this law!
In our D.C. office, one of our international client’s runs a children’s school in a nation that threatened to close it due to political and religious differences. This would have resulted in the entire staff being laid off and the children no longer having a safe place to receive an education.
• Gotham deployed its team of experienced foreign affairs professionals to travel to the country to meet with top-level officials with the goal of keeping the school open.
• After many meetings with decision makers in the country, school officials, and the U.S. Embassy, the school received notice that it would remain open.