Fraud & Contract

SLCD – lost a contract with OPWDD for site-based dayhab program – went directly to the governor’s office, OPWDD, got letters of support from elected officials and threat of committee hearing
MTA – contract with uber for access a ride set to start – went to governor’s office and elected officials, got letters of support, held press conference, and put the contract on hold until further notice.
State ed – NYC DOE – cancel contract for a special needs charter school. Went to elected officials, governor and mayor to obtain the contract back, and payments were started soon thereafter, after other lobbyists took many years and did not succeed
Time warner – canceed contract with our client (TV network), but we were able to avoid that by getting city council to threaten to terminate franchise agreement K with time warner cable themselves
BIC – contractor and waste hauler was being thrown out of business for unregistered activity, was able to obtain licensing despite hundreds of thousands of unpaid fines – utilized elected officials
Lenco – blood lab was not included by a major insurance provider by an RFP, used elected officials, etc. to allow the small business to be covered under the insurance network
Boys N Girls – kept out of NYC budget; were able to obtain funding for them the same year, using rallies, social media, and traditional lobbying
Insurance companies – ** represented multiple fortune 500 insurance companies, exposed various forms of insurance fraud and no fault fraud, were able to move the AG and multiple DA offices (BK and BX) to begin prosecuting these types of complicated cases
Forefront of state losing out on cigarette taxation through illegal market entry of un-taxed cigarettes (via neighboring states, smugglers indian reservations online sales) – senate investigation committee to conduct entire hearing on this matter; AG move forward on large-scale take-downs of deliveries of untaxed cigarettes, as well as multiple DA offices around the state