Legal Services and Litigation

Gotham’s lobbying and communications services are augmented by our ability to draw on the fire power of having a full-service law firm, Gerstman Schwartz LLP at our client’s immediate disposal. This follows because Gotham Government Relations and Communications principals David Schwartz and Brad Gerstman, both former Assistant District Attorneys with decades of experience as private litigators are the senior and founding partners at Gerstman Schwartz LLP.

Gerstman Schwartz LLP comes armed with innovative aggressive strategies and access to a variety of tools and resources to effectively navigate our judicial system achieving un-paralleled victories in New York courts.

Our AV rated law firm is ready to either assist current counsel or become lead attorneys of record in any potential case.

One vital tool in our tool box we’ve used to hold government actors accountable and shed light on serious missteps is Article 78 of the CPLR which establishes the procedure for challenging the determinations of administrative agencies, public bodies, or officers.  Article 78 has been used successfully to challenge a wide array of government actions including:

  • Challenging a State or City agency’s regulation or policy or enactment of a local law.
  • Prohibiting a government official from acting in violation of law or outside the scope of her authority.

In pursuant of this relief we often seek a temporary restraining order, preliminary injunction, or other form of stay of the policy or action that is set to negatively impact our client.

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