International Affairs & Private Diplomacy

As a full service lobbying and public relations firm, Gotham combines the expertise of a network of outstanding experienced Foreign Affairs and intelligence professionals with an unparalleled acumen and dedication for influencing decision making at all levels of government.

These activities are conducted under the direction and guidance of three of the most experienced foreign affairs policy analysts and consultants.

This unique professional approach involves a wide array of deliverables that include:

-Policy expertise: Framing the policy arguments and being able to smoothly dovetail client concerns with American public interest goals;

-Issues and Updates: Keeping clients apprised with developments around the world that have potentially significant impact on client interests. This includes copies of reports, commentaries and other publications on USG activities and subjects of specific interest; and timely monitoring of media and publications;

-Evaluation and documentation: Written analyses of political, military, economic and other developments and their impact on USG policies and activities. Utilizing these materials to help better hone client policy advocacy;

-Liaison Services: With key USG officials, Congress, non-government institutions and foreign policy groups. Helping advance the policy goals through educational outreach and social networking;

-Professional and social networking activities and strategies: Assistance with visit arrangements and meeting preparations for clients, as requested-both within the United States and all over the world for first-hand observations and consultations, and to discuss business opportunities;

-Event planning and policy briefings: Briefings on international affairs and regional subjects; arrange conferences and seminars.


When the opposition has insider and resource advantages, Gotham is able to counter with an ability to make an issue resonate with a wider public audience-and by doing so limit the advantages of better resourced opponents.

In the end, Gotham has a wide range of unique skill sets that can be deployed for a variety of client policy goals. The firm’s background, professional expertise, and unique lobbing approach to issues is unmatched in the field of foreign affairs lobbying and consulting.