Government Relations

With a unique combination of lawyers, lobbyists, and advocates, our firm has decades of experience navigating the ever-evolving world of government. Through strategic guidance and winning game plans, we usher clients through intricate government structures and help them to achieve quantifiable results.

We believe in the power of grassroots, door to door lobbying and the effects it has on consensus building, education, and advocacy. Having worked with clients on the City, State, and Federal levels, we’re adept in communicating with legislators and leaders of government agencies at every level. 

Our professionals specialize in the following: 

  • Legislative lobbying
  • Legislation analysis and minute to minute tracking 
  • Legislation and policy research
  • Legislation and policy writing
  • Government procurement
  • Grassroots coalition building
  • Meeting facilitation with elected and high ranking government officials 
  • Executive and legislative relationship building
  • Securing of government funding