Foreign Nation Investment & Tourism

At Gotham Government Relations we have a keen appreciation that foreign governments and boards of investment and tourism are competing for access to U.S. markets, U.S. investment and U.S. dollars including of course Tourist dollars. Before 2020 almost 45 million Americans travelled abroad spending approximately $156.3 billion in international tourism. In 2020, foreign direct investment from the United States to other countries amounted to 6.15 trillion U.S. dollars.

Obviously, the United States longstanding trading partners have well established networks and a refined apparatus for accessing our markets and capital  and routinely hire K street lobbyists and white shoe counsel to keep them abreast of burgeoning developments. Many developing nations rely extensively on their expat emigres for advice and counsel in this area and learn as they go.

Having represented foreign governments and authorities in the halls of Washington D.C. on matters great and small we understand the need to promote and facilitate domestic and foreign investment and how to capture the attention of key decision makers on Wall Street, in the nation’s capital or local Chambers of Commerce.

Conversant with the intricacies of free trade agreements, barriers to trade, as well as incentives and opportunities our team of seasoned professionals are proud to provide clients from foreign nations, including foreign governments, boards and investment authorities and growing international businesses with the tools they need to flourish both locally and abroad. Our unique strategy is tailored to every client and typically includes a combination of individualized marketing tactics and branding campaigns. Together we focus on a variety of business areas including energy, infrastructure, hospitality, health, and economic and workforce development.