Gotham Government Relations has a specialized, dedicated team of government affairs professionals with expertise in the construction industry. 

Construction law requires a highly specific area of knowledge, with many challenges and nuances that are not typically faced by those in other industries. At our firm we understand just how legal, legislative, and political considerations can play a role in one’s success, and we are well equipped to help clients navigate regulatory agencies like the Department of Buildings, government and political offices, and community groups and boards.

By providing representation to clients in various areas of the construction world (large construction management firms, owners, real estate developers, general contractors, expeditors, trade organizations, subcontracting firms, and engineering firms) we remain up to date with industry standards, trends, legislation, changes in construction law, and relevant news. Our unique approach includes a combined strategy of lobbying, relationship building, communications, and problem solving.

Service Offerings:

  • Government liaison for owners, developers, contractors with regulatory agencies, governmental departments including ECB, DOT, DOB, NYC Council, Council Committees, DOF, Mayor’s Office
  • Creating grass roots campaigns that include gaining community support for pending jobs
  • Engage in dialogue between contractors and owners
  • Facilitation of timely solutions
  • Facilitating applications and permits after expeditor’s submission
  • Facilitating the rescinding of Stop Work Orders
  • Negotiating fines and fine reduction with Environmental Control Board, Department of Transportation, and Department of Buildings
  • Resolving and remedying disputes and problems as they arise
  • Testimony and representation at hearings during the public review process
  • Further legislative agenda of the construction industry
  • Advocacy to ensure that legislators and regulators consider the challenges faced by those operating within the construction industry
  • Relationship building with public officials, policy makers, and NYC Community Boards
  • Organized outreach to community groups and business leaders
  • Strategic communication to further relations with community interests, business interests, and surrounding property owners
  • Continuous review of proposed legislation, regulations, and industry standards for their potential impact on the construction industry
  • Negotiating language before potential laws are voted on
  • Supporting and blocking legislation as appropriate
  • Navigation of City, State, and Federal construction law, codes, rules, and regulations
  • Consultation for bid documents
  • Preparation and guidance during procurement