Gotham Government Relations & Communications of New York and Washington offers its clients a variety of necessary resources including a combined brand of skilled lawyers, communications experts, government relations professionals, and media specialists. With the abilities necessary to reach crucial community members and critical legislators, Gotham remains unique in its existence and victorious in its pursuits.

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Advocacy In Action:

Gotham recognizes the inherent power found in an effectively run and targeted grassroots campaign. Employing door to door lobbying and promoting community support through consensus building, our firm will employ the most advanced strategies that have been proven successful in influencing public policy.

Our Clients:

In Remembrance: Robert J. Malito

It is with a heavy heart and sadness that we inform you of the passing of partner Bob Malito.

Bob was a friend and mentor to us and we are so appreciative of the years we had with him as part of our firm. He came to us at the end of his career, and we were blessed to have Bob as part of our lives and our firm greatly benefited from his wisdom. He gave us an historical perspective on life, law, lobbying and business, and we are so grateful for how he enriched our lives.

Read more about Bob Malito here.

We Get Your Business Into The Spotlight

Gotham uses the power of all types of media in order to bring your business into the spotlight. From social media, print outlets, the news, and video production, we pull out all the stops to make sure your business is recognized. Check out some examples of some of the clients we have gotten media attention for.

Latest News:

Gotham Government Relations Announces the Opening of its New Washington Office

Gotham Government Relations, a lobbying and public relations firm that has been successfully advocating on behalf of clients, in New York is opening up a Washington D. C. office in conjunction with the incoming Trump administration.

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