NYAGS Announces Support for the NYC Save Our Stores Coalition

The New York Association of Grocery Stores (NYAGS) is a coalition of local New York City grocers fighting to stay alive as special interest and big chains continue to encroach on the businesses our families have maintained for decades. Today, NYAGS announces its support for the Save Our Stores Coalition and urges the public to attend their Community Meeting on June 5th at 555 West 157th Street at 7pm.

The Save Our Stores Coalition, in conjunction with the Bodega Association, is a group of small business grocery stores and bodegas in the New York City community that are fighting to reform the unfair practices used against them. Some of the unfair practices include, but are not limited to, the following: price discrimination, unfair regulations, and unreasonable fines.

As NYAGS spokesman David Schwartz points out,

“Small businesses are being put at risk by being subject to unfair treatment and regulation, which creates a direct threat to small business grocery stores and bodegas.”

Here’s video of David Schwartz speaking at the event: