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We Get Your Business Into The Spotlight

Gotham uses the power of all types of media in order to bring your business into the spotlight. From social media, print outlets, the news, and video production, we pull out all the stops to make sure your business is recognized. Check out some examples of some of the clients we have garnered media attention for.

Some Examples Of Our Clients In The Media:

Galvanize Group

Conrad Cutler, current head of Galvanize Group, was recently featured on the front page of Crain’s, New York Business. The article was on the front page of Crains’ website as well, garnering much discussion about Redemption Centers and NYC’s recycling program. Check it out here.



“One part of the government encourages redeeming recyclables; another part discourages it. And we’re caught in the middle.”

Vertikal Solutions

Dan Mooney, President of crane-leasing company Vertikal Solutions, was featured on Crain’s New York Business. It was the front page article on the magazine, and also on the website. Check out the article here.




“I sunk a million dollars of my own money into this. I did it for the city.”

Taxi Fleet

On behalf of our client Taxi Fleet, this article was featured on the Crain’s New York Business front page. It was written to discuss the issue of Uber in the context of the taxi business and immigrants. Check it out here.




“When I first come to this country, I work in a grocery store for $200 a week. Taxi will be a thousand dollars. That is the way up.”

Flair Beverages

Flair Beverages is one of our clients that we have gotten onto Crain’s New York business in addition to an Op-Ed written by Assemblyman Luis Sepúlveda and Senator Marisol Alcantara.  Check out these articles here. Article  Op-Ed




State lawmakers from the Bronx and Manhattan want to make it easier for the New York State Liquor Authority to go after warehouse stores such as BJ’s and Costco for selling beer to bodegas.