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David Schwartz on CNN – Gorilla Zoo Shooting – Should Parents be Charged?

A small child falls into a zoo's gorilla enclosure. The zoo is forced to shoot and kill the gorilla. Now, many are calling for the child's parents to be prosecuted. Gotham partner, David Schwartz provides legal analysis.

David Schwartz on Fox – Convicted Killer Plots to Kill Prosecutor

Convicted killer Drew Peterson faces new charges for plotting To kill prosecutor. Legal analysis with David Schwartz, partner at Gotham Government Relations on Fox News Channel.

David Schwartz on CNN: Trump Demands New York Times Retract Story

Gotham Partner David Schwartz appears on CNN to discuss Donald Trump's demand that he retract a story about his treatment of women.

Brad Gerstman on RNN – Trump’s Win, Cruz’s End & The GOP’s Future

Catch Brad Gerstman Tonight at 6pm on RNN's Richard French Live as he discusses Trump's ascension to the GOP nomination. Also - Former Assembly Speaker Sheldon Speaker is sentenced to 12 years in prison.

David Schwartz on Fox: Prince’s Estate Placed in Trust

Prince's estate placed in a temporary trust due to no will. Legal analysis with Attorney David Schwartz on Fox News.

Brad Gerstman on Fox: Trump’s New York Win & RNC Fight…

Brad Gerstman talks Donald Trump's New York Victory and coming battle at the Republican convention.

David Schwartz on Fox News: Charter School Support Group Sues NYC Schools For Failing To Address School Violence

Charter school support group sues New York City schools for failing to address school violence. Legal analysis with Gotham Government Relations Partner David Schwartz on Fox News Channel.

David Schwartz in NY Daily News: State Liquor Authority discriminates against small business

David Schwartz for New York Daily News on illegal beer sales hurting small business

Brad Gerstman on Catsimatidis Roundtable: NYC Food Carts Killing Supermarket Biz

Listen to Brad Gerstman on John Catsimatidis' radio show talk about how unregulated NYC food and vegetable carts are hurting brick and mortar businesses...

Brad Gerstman on RNN – GOP Blocking Supreme Court Nominee

Brad Gerstman on RNN's Richard French Live discusses senate republicans' refusal to hold hearings on supreme court justice nominee Merrick Garland.

David Schwartz on Fox – French Parents Arrested Posting Child Photos Online

French parents 'could be jailed' for posting children’s photos online. Analysis with David Schwartz on Fox News Channel.

Catch David Schwartz on America Tonight Radio with Kim Daleney

David Schwartz talks about medical industry greed and how it makes one of the most common procedures a threat to patient safety.