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/Legal Analysis

Sexual Assault Convict Released After 3 Months – David Schwartz on Fox

Brock Turner, former Stanford University Student registers as sex offender after controversial jail stint. Legal Analysis with Attorney David Schwartz, partner at Gotham Government Relations on Fox News.

CEO’s Pay Rose 600 Percent as EpiPen Price Rose 400 Percent: Is This Legal? David Schwartz on Fox

Mylan CEO's pay rose over 600 percent as EpiPen price rose 400 percent: Is this legal? Analysis with New York Criminal Defense Attorney David Schwartz

Building NYC’s Urgent Message to New York Construction Contractors

Building NYC Spokesman Brad Gerstman has an important message for New York City construction contractors concerning the criminalization of construction accidents.

Criminal Action Against Ryan Lochte?

Olympic swimmer Ryan Lochte could face action in drunken Rio incident. Gotham partner David Schwartz gives legal analysis on Fox News Channel.

Imam Double Murder Motive – David Schwartz on WABC

An arrest is made in the murder of a Queens Imam and another man but motive is still under investigation.  Gotham's David Schwartz on WABC 7 Eyewitness News.

Charges filed against Trump Tower climber – David Schwartz in Fox

Charges filed against Trump Tower climber Stephen Rogata. Legal analysis with attorney David Schwartz, Partner at Gotham Government Relations on Fox News.

Brad Gerstman on Fox – Hillary Clinton and Leaked DNC Emails

Gotham Government Relations & Communications founding partner Brad Gerstman discusses Hillary Clinton and leaked DNC emails on Fox News Channel

Brad Gerstman in Crain’s: The danger of criminalizing construction accidents

The conviction this month of Harco Construction of severe criminal charges sets a dangerous precedent that could put everyone working in the construction industry—union and nonunion alike—in grave danger.

Brad Gerstman on Fox: Hillary Clinton Investigations

FBI refuses to answer questions about possible Clinton Foundation probe. Brad Gerstman discusses latest on Fox News Channel.

David Schwartz on Fox: AG Loretta Lynch Under Fire for Clinton Meeting

Attorney General Loretta Lynch under fire for private meeting with Bill Clinton.  Analysis with attorney David Schwartz, partner at Gotham Government Relations & Communications on Fox News Channel.

Brad Gerstman on FOX: FBI Recommends No Charges for Hillary

Brad Gerstman appears on Fox News. FBI director James Comey recommends not charging Hillary Clinton in email investigation.

David Schwartz on NBC Nightly News: Vanderbilt Rape Case

Brandon Vandenburg found guilty on all charges in Vanderbilt rape. Legal Analysis with NY Criminal Defense Attorney David Schwartz, Partner at Gotham Government Relations on NBC Nightly News