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Donald Trump Attends Rally at Jones Beach

Remember that time when we worked with the now President-Elect?

First 100 Days of Trump Presidency: Whether Trump Agenda Passes Constitutional Muster. David Schwartz on Fox News

Does President-Elect Trump have what it takes to make it in the White House? David Schwartz gives answers on Fox Today.

Brad Gerstman on ‘PIX11 News at 5’ To Discuss FBI Reopening Investigation re Clinton’s E-mails

How will the re-investigation into the Clinton emails affect the Presidential election? Brad Gerstman on Pix 11.

Brad Gerstman Appears on Fox News’ ‘Happening Now’ FBI Re-Opening Investigation

FBI re-opening investigation into Clinton emails. Brad Gerstman on Fox News.

Brad Gerstman Appears on FBN’s ‘Cavuto: Coast to Coast’ To Discuss 2016

Neil Cavuto discusses the 2016 presidential election. Brad Gerstman on Fox news.

Trump Slump Continues. Brad Gerstman on RNN

Richard French and the RFL panel discuss the latest in the race for President.

Gotham Government Relations Construction Event at the Grand Havana Room

Check out some of our footage and highlights from last Thursday night's construction event in the Grand Havana Room.

Regulating Food Vendors in New York City. David Schwartz in The New York Times.

Re “New York’s Moveable Feast Might Grow Even Larger” (news article, Oct. 11). David Schwartz in The New York Times.

Trump Wants to Exclude Campaign Statements From Fraud Trial. David Schwartz on Fox

Should statements made by Donald Trump during his campaign be excluded? Legal Analysis with NY Criminal Defense Attorney David Schwartz, Partner at Gotham Government Relations on Fox News.

Brad Gerstman Appears on Fox News’ ‘Happening Now’ To Discuss 2016 Podesta Emails

With Hillary Clinton's emails released through Wikileaks, how will this pan out in regards to the upcoming election? Brad Gerstman on Fox News.

Brad Gerstman Trump Clinton Presidential Race Commentary on Fox Business News

Brad Gerstman on Fox News, commentating on the Trump and Clinton presidential race.

Nassau County Cracks Down on Illegal Uber Drivers. Brad Gerstman on Fox News

Some Uber drivers are not even monitored and are considered illegal, but Nassau County is working on cracking down on these illegal drivers. Brad Gerstman on Fox News.