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2014 New York Election Results

A summary of the 2014 New York General Election results.

A United Voting Bloc

Elections at every level of government have a big influence on the business climate. The ability of businesses to innovate, expand, operate in a reasonable regulatory environment and keep more profits are all impacted at the ballot box. But how do small businesses ensure that candidates for public office support their needs?

True 21st Century Government Relations

The political landscape has changed and so have you. Any established 20th century lobbying firm can introduce you to a politician or if you’re generous enough, arrange a decent amount of time talking to one. But chit-chat and handshakes aren’t what carries weight these days and neither are 20th century lobbying firms. Just open your morning paper and see the waste and confusion brought by ineffective efforts and out-of focus campaigns in the most open and exposed political arena in history. Millions of cameras, computers and hand-held devices – yet no campaign can seem to break through it all. […]