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Brad Gerstman on FOX: FBI Recommends No Charges for Hillary

Brad Gerstman appears on Fox News. FBI director James Comey recommends not charging Hillary Clinton in email investigation.

David Schwartz on Chasing News: Bronx man fatally beats would-be rapist who attacked his wife

A Bronx man faces charges after fatally beating the man who attacked his wife. Gotham partner David Schwartz provides legal analysis for WOR's Chasing News.

David Schwartz on CNN – Gorilla Zoo Shooting – Should Parents be Charged?

A small child falls into a zoo's gorilla enclosure. The zoo is forced to shoot and kill the gorilla. Now, many are calling for the child's parents to be prosecuted. Gotham partner, David Schwartz provides legal analysis.

David Schwartz on Fox – Convicted Killer Plots to Kill Prosecutor

Convicted killer Drew Peterson faces new charges for plotting To kill prosecutor. Legal analysis with David Schwartz, partner at Gotham Government Relations on Fox News Channel.

David Schwartz on Fox – French Parents Arrested Posting Child Photos Online

French parents 'could be jailed' for posting children’s photos online. Analysis with David Schwartz on Fox News Channel.

David Schwartz on Fox: Suspect in Philadelphia Ambush Pledged Allegiance to Isis

Suspect in Philadelphia ambush pledged allegiance to ISIS.. Legal Analysis with Gotham Government Relations' David Schwartz, on Fox News Channel.

Impact of 911 Calls on Legal Case Enrique Marquez

Impact of 911 calls on legal case against alleged San Bernardino co-conspirator, Enrique Marquez. Legal analysis with Attorney David Schwartz, Partner at Gotham Government Relations on Fox News Channel

Brad Gerstman on San Bernardino Shootings and Affluenza Teen

Brad Gerstman on Fox News Channel - The alleged gun supplier in the San Bernardino Shooting and the strange new update in the case of a teen who beat manslaughter charges with the "Affluenza Defense".

Video: Sheldon Silver Found Guilty on all Counts, Brad Gerstman on RNN

Former Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver found guilty of federal corruption charges. Gotham's Brad Gerstman gives legal and political analysis on RNN TV's Richard French Live...

David Schwartz on FOX: Woman Accused of Intentionally Crashing into Parade Killing 4

Woman drives car into parade, killing 4. David Schwartz legal analysis on Fox News.

Tonight! Brad Gerstman on RNN TV – Albany On Trial?

The criminal trial of former speaker Sheldon Silver starts today. Gotham's Brad Gerstman joins RNN TV's Richard French Live tonight at 6:00PM.

Assault by Carrot & Body Building Teacher Under Fire for Photos

Assault by Carrot. Teen faces charges for throwing baby carrot. Legal analysis with David Schwartz on Fox News.