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EU Hits Apple for Back Taxes Brad Gerstman on Politics

Brad Gerstman gives political analysis on the European Union's demand that Apple Computer pay $14.5 Billion dollars in back taxes.

Is ‘Trump TV’ Really Donald’s Goal? – Brad Gerstman on RNN

Gotham's Brad Gerstman discusses Donald Trump's possible end game after the 2016 presidential election.

Building NYC’s Urgent Message to New York Construction Contractors

Building NYC Spokesman Brad Gerstman has an important message for New York City construction contractors concerning the criminalization of construction accidents.

Iran Cash & Prisoners Released – Brad Gerstman Gerstman on Fox News

Gotham Partner Brad Gerstman on release of U.S. held Iranian cash and Iran's release of American prisoners.

Brad Gerstman on Fox – GOP Lawmakers Claim Clinton Perjury

GOP Lawmakers Claim Clinton Perjury - Brad Gerstman on Fox News.

Letters to WSJ: Brad Gerstman Responds to ‘Progressives War on Uber’

Benjamin Parker’s “ Bill de Blasio’s Progressive War on Uber” (op-ed, Aug. 4) mischaracterizes the mayor’s position on Uber and the taxi industry. Mr. de Blasio, far from being at war with Uber, has totally jettisoned his progressive values by caving in to the tech giant’s pressure.

Trump Alleges ‘Rigged Election’ – Brad Gerstman on Fox

Gotham Government Relations and Communications partner Brad Gerstman discusses rigged election charges on Fox News

Brad Gerstman on Fox – Hillary Clinton and Leaked DNC Emails

Gotham Government Relations & Communications founding partner Brad Gerstman discusses Hillary Clinton and leaked DNC emails on Fox News Channel

Criminalization of Construction Accidents Forum August 3rd

Gotham Government Relations & Communications is hosting an informational forum to brief the construction industry on how the conviction this month of a general contractor of severe criminal charges sets a dangerous precedent that could put everyone working in the construction industry, union and nonunion alike, in grave danger, if left unchallenged.

Cuomo Signs Bill to Eliminate Inappropriate Labels for Disabled

A key piece of legislation that affects the disabled community was signed by Gov. Andrew Cuomo entitled "Guardians of Mentally Retarded and Developmentally Disabled Persons," to end all use of "mentally retarded."

Brad Gerstman in Crain’s: The danger of criminalizing construction accidents

The conviction this month of Harco Construction of severe criminal charges sets a dangerous precedent that could put everyone working in the construction industry—union and nonunion alike—in grave danger.

Brad Gerstman on Fox: Hillary Clinton Investigations

FBI refuses to answer questions about possible Clinton Foundation probe. Brad Gerstman discusses latest on Fox News Channel.