Gotham Government Relations & Communications of New York offers its clients a variety of necessary resources including a combined brand of skilled lawyers, communications experts, government relations professionals, and media specialists. With the abilities necessary to reach crucial community members and critical legislators, Gotham remains unique in its existence and victorious in its pursuits.

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Gotham recognizes the inherent power found in an effectively run and targeted grassroots campaign. Employing door to door lobbying and promoting community support through consensus building, our firm will employ the most advanced strategies that have been proven successful in influencing public policy.

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Is ‘Trump TV’ Really Donald’s Goal? – Brad Gerstman on RNN

Gotham's Brad Gerstman discusses Donald Trump's possible end game after the 2016 presidential election.

Criminal Action Against Ryan Lochte?

Olympic swimmer Ryan Lochte could face action in drunken Rio incident. Gotham partner David Schwartz gives legal analysis on Fox News Channel.

Imam Double Murder Motive – David Schwartz on WABC

An arrest is made in the murder of a Queens Imam and another man but motive is still under investigation.  Gotham's David Schwartz on WABC 7 Eyewitness News.

Iran Cash & Prisoners Released – Brad Gerstman Gerstman on Fox News

Gotham Partner Brad Gerstman on release of U.S. held Iranian cash and Iran's release of American prisoners.

Brad Gerstman on Fox – GOP Lawmakers Claim Clinton Perjury

GOP Lawmakers Claim Clinton Perjury - Brad Gerstman on Fox News.

Charges filed against Trump Tower climber – David Schwartz in Fox

Charges filed against Trump Tower climber Stephen Rogata. Legal analysis with attorney David Schwartz, Partner at Gotham Government Relations on Fox News.

Letters to WSJ: Brad Gerstman Responds to ‘Progressives War on Uber’

Benjamin Parker’s “ Bill de Blasio’s Progressive War on Uber” (op-ed, Aug. 4) mischaracterizes the mayor’s position on Uber and the taxi industry. Mr. de Blasio, far from being at war with Uber, has totally jettisoned his progressive values by caving in to the tech giant’s pressure.

Crain’s: Builder’s Powerful & Reasoned Rebuttal to Building Trades’ Lou Coletti

This is what happens when an accusatory climate of vindictiveness is created by a media frenzy: false claims are loudly proclaimed, reputations damaged, and when the truth finally emerges months later, small corrections are buried deep inside a trade paper.

Trump Alleges ‘Rigged Election’ – Brad Gerstman on Fox

Gotham Government Relations and Communications partner Brad Gerstman discusses rigged election charges on Fox News