Gotham Government Relations & Communications of New York offers its clients a variety of necessary resources including a combined brand of skilled lawyers, communications experts, government relations professionals, and media specialists. With the abilities necessary to reach crucial community members and critical legislators, Gotham remains unique in its existence and victorious in its pursuits.

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Gotham recognizes the inherent power found in an effectively run and targeted grassroots campaign. Employing door to door lobbying and promoting community support through consensus building, our firm will employ the most advanced strategies that have been proven successful in influencing public policy.

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Brad Gerstman on Fox: Trump’s New York Win & RNC Fight…

Brad Gerstman talks Donald Trump's New York Victory and coming battle at the Republican convention.

VIDEO: Medical Industry Call for Action At Place Where Joan Rivers Met Her Fate…

New York Assemblyman David Weprin, Bill Drake of the Esophageal Cancer Awareness Association and David Schwartz of Citizens for Safe Endoscopy gather at the medical office where comedian Joan Rivers died as a result of an unsafe procedure.

David Schwartz on Fox News: Charter School Support Group Sues NYC Schools For Failing To Address School Violence

Charter school support group sues New York City schools for failing to address school violence. Legal analysis with Gotham Government Relations Partner David Schwartz on Fox News Channel.

Brad Gerstman on Fox: Is Ted Cruz Wisconsin Win a Game Changer?

Brad Gerstman appears on Fox News to discuss Ted Cruz's Wisconsin victory and what it means for the 2016 presidential race.

David Schwartz in NY Daily News: State Liquor Authority discriminates against small business

David Schwartz for New York Daily News on illegal beer sales hurting small business

Brad Gerstman on Catsimatidis Roundtable: NYC Food Carts Killing Supermarket Biz

Listen to Brad Gerstman on John Catsimatidis' radio show talk about how unregulated NYC food and vegetable carts are hurting brick and mortar businesses...

Brad Gerstman in Crains: Ancient ruling is no excuse to let food vendors run wild

The green-carts law underscores the fact that under its broad statutory authority—and in particular to advance public health—the city can restrict vendor locations for the overall public good. There is, however, an even more compelling rationale.

Brad Gerstman on RNN – GOP Blocking Supreme Court Nominee

Brad Gerstman on RNN's Richard French Live discusses senate republicans' refusal to hold hearings on supreme court justice nominee Merrick Garland.

David Schwartz on Fox – French Parents Arrested Posting Child Photos Online

French parents 'could be jailed' for posting children’s photos online. Analysis with David Schwartz on Fox News Channel.